Little Mouse


Little Mouse is a scampering, late elementary, piano solo miniature, by Elissa Milne. Originally composed as a preparatory etude exploring the melodic minor ascending scale, Little Mouse has become a beloved performance solo in its own right.

Included in this product:
• US Letter Size and A4 formats of Little Mouse sheet music, with and without key signatures (four different download options, and yes, you can download all of them!);
• a separate full-colour cover page;
• a stand-alone print-out of the E melodic minor ascending pattern, distributed between the hands as required for the performance of Little Mouse;
• printable pitch/fingering layouts of melodic minor scale patterns in A minor, D minor, C minor and F minor, to support students exploring transposition of Little Mouse into each of these different keys;
• a studio license, allowing you to make as many reproductions of these resources as you need and want, for as long as you are teaching students to play the piano!

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